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Any Refugee With a Phone
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Refugee Text work with trusted organisations to deliver critical information refugees need via automated messages.

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How It Works

  • Expert Network

    A network of experts from a trusted organisation, provide up-to date information, and update it as it changes.

  • Chatbot Management System

    The content is fed into a CMS where it is structured, professionally translated, and directed into specially designed SMS flows.

  • Refugee's Phone

    Any refugee with a phone can access the SMS flows via text message, on this website, on Facebook Messenger, or on Telegram, simply by texting ‘Hi’.

Get Involved

Fund Our Sprint

We are excited to take this service to the next level. You can help us by donating texts to refugees.


Get in touch to share your expertise and good spirit, we are always looking for volunteers to join our team.


Set up a first meeting with us if your organisation is looking for innovative ways to provide information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Refugee Text for?

It’s for refugees that are in the need of trusted, up-to-date information. At present, we are testing a service that delivers information on seeking asylum in Europe. In the future, we will to expand upon the information we provide, according to the needs of the organisations and refugees we work with.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to receive a text from Refugee Text. Sending a text to us will be charged at local rates, depending on your network operator. We try to minimise the amount of texts you’ll need to send us, so it should never cost you more than €1 to see all of the information in our service over SMS. When you use Refugee Text on Facebook or Telegram, it's free.

Where is Refugee Text available?

Refugee Text is currently being tested on SMS, in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. For now, you can try it out on Facebook Messenger here.

Which countries I can have information about?

You can currently receive information on applying for asylum in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We are working to expand the information in the service as soon as possible.

Which phone do I need to use Refugee Text?

Any phone that supports SMS. If you often change your SIM card, we recommend that you store the texts on your phone, so that you easily can retrieve our information. You don’t need a wifi connection to send a text to Refugee Text.

Who provides the information?

Refugee Text does not create any of the information in the service. We work in close collaboration with trusted NGOs and organisations to research and align on what information should be in the service. Refugee Text structure the information into an interactive SMS service with a variety of different mechanics.

Aren’t you encouraging refugees to come to Europe?

Refugee Text is a tool for trusted organisations to communicate the most critical information to refugees, quickly and effectively. We only work with organisations who can be trusted to deliver up-to-date and accurate information.

How can I contribute to this project?

The best way to contribute is to donate money to cover our costs of sending text messages to refugees’ phones. If you would like to learn how Refugee Text can help your organisation, please contact us.

For additional questions,
don’t hesitate to contact us: info@refugeetext.org


Refugee Text is an impact design organisation. As interaction and service designers, our expertise lies in designing products and services that meet the needs of their users. We work closely with expert, humanitarian NGOs to create customized, SMS information systems to enhance their communication provisions.

Kåre M.S. Solvåg

Head of Technology

Kåre has a background in design engineering and interaction design. His competences stretch from people-centred research to system development. Technically well-versed, he understands and masters prototyping both digital and physical products. He specialises in designing technology that empower its users.

Ciarán Duffy


Ciarán has a multi-disciplinary background in music, French, and linguistics. He brings with him an understanding of how information can be structured and conveyed in a clear and concise manner. His expertise lies in people-centred research, and conceptual design - ensuring products and services fulfil the demands and expectations of users.

Caroline Arvidsson

Head of Design

Caroline has extensive experience as a service design consultant, where her expertise lies in the empathic, people-centred design process, conveying people’s real-life problems into feasible design solutions. She has been a passionate humanitarian volunteer, volunteering with a variety of local and international NGO’s.

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We answer all e-mails within 48 hours.
You can also e-mail us at info@refugeetext.org